Frequently Asked Questions about General Contracting

We want to simplify the process of using Genesis Construction by providing you with straightforward responses to some frequently asked questions.

How soon can you start my project?

Our crew is prepared to begin working on your project as soon as we agree to the details and we have a signed Project Agreement. This will ensure that we understand the expectations and agree to the details.

How do we pay you?

We will accept Personal Checks, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks or Cash. We also accept most Credit Cards. There is a 2.9% processing fee for Credit Cards.

What Products do you use?

You will notice on your Quote that we list several items as “Client Choice”. These are items that YOU choose and select. They can come from any source you choose.

What can I expect during the project?

On the day we start your project, we will set up the work area(s) and lay down canvas tars on carpeted areas and apply construction paper to the hard surfaces in the traffic areas from the project sight to the exit. When we begin demolition, the debris will be taken to a designated location. We will keep you updated with a status report either in a text message, email or a verbal conversation every day. This helps eliminate any surprises along the way.

What kind of crew do you utilize?

We only use skilled workers with multiple talents. We prefer each of them to have different strengths in each area of the work we perform. In some cases we will bring in a specialist...depending on work load and licensing requirements.

Where do the products come from that you need for my projects?

All project requirements differ, but we strive to use local resources as much as possible. We have relationships with many quality sources and businesses.

Why Choose Genesis Construction Services  IL, LLC?

Genesis Construction Services IL, LLC is a full service contractor. We pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship and guaranteed services. Our team is comprised of only the most skilled, efficient and diligent staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. We have worked extremely hard to earn our reputation and have successfully become a leading provider within our industry. It is a part of our Mission to strive to develop relationships with our clients so that we are called back for future projects. To do that we must earn your trust by providing quality service and work with integrity. We want to be “Your Contractor”.

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We hope the answers to these questions can help you understand the process of using Genesis Construction Services IL, LLC. Please contact us today with any questions.

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